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I was flying solo with the kids last night and knew early in the day that I would not feel like making dinner.  So we took a special trip out to Wayne, PA, to visit PBandU, a kid-friendly eatery that specializes in peanut butter sandwiches.  That’s right, peanut butter sandwiches. 

These sandwiches are nothing like the PB&J’s of my childhood.  JIF and Bama jelly smeared between two slices of Wonder Bread and stuffed in a plastic baggy –mushy, twisted and warmed courtesy of the hot Georgia summer. 

No, these are “fancy” PB&J sandwiches which you can tailor to your mood or taste.  That’s right “U” can skip the “J”, customize the bread, choose the fixin’s and even go crazy with the peanut butter.  *stomach rumbling? read on*

The sandwich that tops the menu is the PB and bacon, cheese & pickle.  Yes, I know. It sounds odd.  PBandU convinced me (via Twitter) to “try the PB, bacon, cheddar, pickle – no kidding, it tastes like a burger! trust me – it’s amazing! The sweet and salty combo is always a good thing.”  And I figured “why not?”

While it was unusual, it was also quite delicious – and gone in a few short minutes. I gave the kids their choice and they went for a PB and nutella, fluff & m&m’s sandwich each.  Yes, I know. I’m a bad mommy for serving my kids m&ms IN their dinner, but hey… sometimes you gotta let things slide. 

The soldier boy gobbled his up faster than you can say George Washington Carver. Miss Sassafras took longer and we ended up saving half of her sandwich for lunch tomorrow.  Lord, what will her teacher think when Miss Sass opens her lunchbox at school … She’ll probably think “Yum! Where can I get a sandwich like that?”

The PBandU menu is pretty robust and includes your choice of peanut butters– smooth, crunchy, “homestyle” (which is described as between smooth and crunchy) and chocolate.  You can choose from a list of pre-determined sandwiches like the ones we had or you can customize your sandwich by adding apples, bacon, carrots, pound cake, pretzels, chocolate chips, fluff, cream cheese, jelly (of course, in three flavors) and an assortment of other fixin’s.  There are a variety of breads to choose from as well, including bagels and Gluten-free bread.

My kids are anxious to get back to PBandU.  It’s a good thing I liked the atmosphere as much as the sandwich.  The restaurant was cheerful, airy, colorful, kid-friendly and well-branded.  The tables are shaped like peanuts and one wall is covered in compelling peanut factoids my son was all over.  They’ve got a play room in the back where the kids can keep busy while sandwiches are being made or while I check email via the complimentary wifi.

Next time you’re out in Wayne and in need of a great, affordable place to feed the family stop in PBandU for some new, old-fashioned comfort food.  Winter hours are Monday-Friday 10-8, Saturday 10-10 and Sunday 10-6.   If you’re taking tots, be sure to bring them in clothes that can handle a little bit of mess.  The PB and nutella with fluff was too sloppy for Sunday clothes.  When we visit again I’ll also remember to bring a pack of wet ones to wipe down hands and faces afterwards. 


163 East Lancaster Ave.
Wayne, PA 19087
484 367 7799

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